A Day at Kua Bay - Heaven is on the Big Island

Well, this is how I woke up! One of the most beautiful days on the Big Island! Everyone was posting pictures, chatting on Facebook, Google+, and tweeting on what a BEAUTIFUL day it was going to be...and yes, it sure was!

I ended up at my favorite beach on the Big Island (KUA-BAY) also known as Kekaha Kai State Park. A fun full day of just relaxing, swimming and hanging at da beach...

My mom is visiting and we had to show off our matching hats (FYI, she is going to kill me that I posted this!)

Best part about my day is I gave the Kua Bay experience to a new person, which was a great feeling...Really I couldn't believe my girlfriend, Katie Minkus, #happybic had never been to the beach at Kua Bay after living here for so long! But that just shows you that this beach is a hidden treasure, and that you have really experience a new adventure everyday living on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Aloha for now! See ya next time!