Kona Heavens Home Under $1 Million with Salt Water Pool and Swim-Up Bar

Well, here I am dreaming about another favorite subdivision of mine - Kona Heavens.

Kona Heavens Subdivison

Kona Heavens is in the 1,000 feet elevation area north of Kona town before Kona Palisades, which is right above the Kona International Airport (KOA).

The views and climates are awesome. Kona Heaven homes are all on 1 acre plus lots with cool breezes and beautiful views!

Kona Heavens Home For Sale

This home has a beautiful kitchen great for holidays, parties, or just for family with everyday living

I stumbled into this property when looking for a home for some clients and fell in love! Then I saw a price reduction of $390,000 and I said to myself, "Are you kidding me, my favorite million dollar subdivision with a home for only $998,000? WOW! WOW! WOW!"

This home (MLS# 229383) is a 4 bed/4.5 bath with 4,449 sq.ft. of living space - this has all I could ever want! More important, it has what my client wants - everything on their checklist! With a pool, game room, beautiful kitchen, and peaceful master bedroom, what else could they ask for? I want to give my clients the best opportunity out there to buy their dream home and this might be the one!!

I love the real feel of the waiting area off the side of the pool!

Kona Inventory

Inventory in Kona is getting very tight, believe it or not, and I don't have a crystal ball, but there are a lot of positive changes happening with the Kona market. Less time on market, multiple offers, over bidding, etc.

Kona Heavens has been through a few bumps with a few REO's and short sales these last few years and when you see a buy like this one (MLS# 229383), you say to yourself, "WOW - that's a good buy it's time to make a move in the market!" Yes, this property was overpriced when it was first listed, but now we are talking!

Aloha for now! See ya next time! Michele Mckinley