Canadian Home Purchases in Hawaii on the Rise

The day of the tsunami last week, I received a phone call from potential buyers in British Colombia. I've been getting more inquiries from Canadians—especially from British Colombia—over the past 6 months. Looks like having Hawaii in the news reminds Canadians of an important aspect of the housing market.

My Canadian buyers were impressed with Hali'i Kai for its sunsets, amenities, and security

As the U.S. dollar declines, the Canadian dollar strengthens. What is just a good deal to Americans is a bargain to a buyer holding Canadian dollars. A buyer last year told me that the B.C. market has been heating up. In 2010, housing prices escalated by 5%!

An odd aspect of the Canadian buyers I've worked with is that they have all been all-cash buyers. This tells me that folks up North who are sitting on assets recognize the great prices the weak dollar affords. For the most part, they are people who plan to retire in 2 to 5 years and think that Hawaii properties are priced well now.

The Canadians I showed around last weekend were interested in the upscale properties. We looked at Hali'i Kai in Waikoloa Beach Resort. They liked it because of the location convenient to the beach, shops, restaurants, and the amenities like pools and the private restaurant. They also wanted a development that was safe for their children, so the Hali'i Kai's gate and security were attractive.

Whether you are Canadian, American, or Scandinavian, Hawaii oceanfront condos are a very good buy in the spring of 2011. Let me know what your requirements are, and I will find you a Big Island home that makes you happy.